NSORRA Hare Scramble Round 5 – Craigmore Creek – September 16th, 2017

What a great weekend in Craigmore for the last event of the 2017 NSORRA Hare Scramble Series!  Thank you to our landowners, riders, spectators, and volunteers on and before race day.  A big thank you to our Title sponsor, Canadian Kawasaki Motors, Hole shot sponsor RPM Cycle, silver sponsors; Valley Yamaha Motorsports, Freedom Cycle, Soles in Motion and Bronze sponsors: Pro Cycle, Honda Canada, Shore Cycle, Miller Meadow MX Park, and Zoom Concentrated Cleaner.








The championship points for the 2017 NSORRA Hare Scramble Series: 2017 NSORRA Hare Scramble Points Totals_Updated Sept 22 2017


NSORRA Hare Scramble Round 4 – Hiltz Road – August 20th, 2017

Thank you to all the riders and spectators who came out for Round 4 of the Hare Scramble Series presented by Kawasaki Canada.

Race day turned out to be fantastic following all the race received days before and the course was in great shape.  Congratulations to all our riders who placed in the top three for their class, winners of the Hole Shot award sponsored by RPM Cycle, and winners of the Hard Chargers presented by ADP Motorsports and Beta.

PeeWee – PeeWee – Round 4

School Girl / Boy – SGSB – Round 4

Novice – Novice – Round 4

Junior – Round 4_Junior_Updated Sept 12 2017

Intermediate – Intermediate – Round 4

Plus 40 – Plus 40 – Round 4

Pro – PRO – Round 4

The championship points for the 2017 NSORRA Hare Scramble Series were updated September 10th:   2017 NSORRA Hare Scramble Points Totals_Revised Sept 10th


NSORRA Hare Scramble Round 3 – Miller  Meadow – July 9th, 2017

Round 3 of the NSORRA Hare Scramble Series, presented by Kawasaki Canada was a great success with 115 racers in attendance.  Registration for the School Boy / Girl race reached one of our largest numbers yet!

Congratulations to all our riders who placed in the top three for their class, winners of the Hole Shot award sponsored by RPM Cycle, and winners of the Hard Chargers presented by ADP Motorsports and Beta.

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out the day of the race and days prior to the event, a lot of work goes into prepping the course the week before the event.   A big thank you to the sweep riders who put in a huge effort the day of the race, the timing and flagging team, Race Coordinator, Grant Lingley, Landowner Kyle Ledwidge, and the Medical crew from Canadian Ski Patrol who had a very quiet day, thankfully!  Of course the day would not be possible without our NSORRA members, family and friends who continue to support our organization.

PeeWee – PeeWee_Results Round 3

School Boy/Girl – School Boy_Girl_Results Round 3

Novice – Novice_Results_Round 3

Junior – Junior_Results_Round 3

Intermediate, Plus 40 & Expert/Pro – Int Pro Plus_Results Round 3

2017 NSORRA Hare Scramble Points Totals_Round 3



NSORRA Hare Scramble Round 2 – Mill Hill – June 18th, 2017

Congratulations to the winners this Sunday’s Hare Scramble Winners!  We received a significant rain fall prior to the race but it didn’t stop 108 racers from coming out to Mill Hill MX park to race the muddiest course yet!  The hills and holes posed challenges for riders and everyone had a great time.    The day would not be possible without the many volunteers and the following individuals;  race coordinator, Grant Lingley, timing team and medical team, Craig and Megan Cairns, sweep rider lead, Dave Tobin, and registration volunteer Matthew Hamilton.   They  put in a great amount of effort and, as always, NSORRA would like to thank you all.

Thank all the volunteers, riders, family members, friends, and spectators who came out for the day, Canada Ski Patrol for providing medical support, and Mill Hill owner, Blaine Prest for the amount of work he puts into the track, trails, and help he provides for the race volunteers.

Race results:  PeeWeeLap_finalSchoolLap_finalJrNovLap_FinalIntProPlus40Lap_Final.

Championship points totals: 2017 NSORRA Hare Scramble Points Totals_Round 2

NSORRA Hare Scramble Round 1 – South Alton – May 28th, 2017

What a Weekend!!! I want to take a moment to really thank everyone for what was a great weekend of racing! Of course as many of you know….South Alton experienced record attendance for this first race at 121 Racers!

The PeeWee and School Boy/Girl Classes in the morning went really well as did the Novice / Junior Race.  I was standing with the School Boy/Girl bunch following their race with about 7 or 8 of them and they were all commenting “that was so much fun!” We added a little distance on their course this year and gave them the “Hill” which they all enjoyed.  We had lots of new racers in the Novice Category and a great race it was for sure! We recommended lots of water and pacing yourself to the new riders and they came to say no truer words have been said but even more significant, they all said they cannot wait for the next event!  We had a total of 45 + racers in this dual category.

The Afternoon Racing was amazing with a ton of racers lining up in three rows.  Lots of spectators were on hand for this race with friends and family alike cheering on their racers.  The Intermediate / Plus 40 / Experts-Pro races were an exciting start to the series with racers flying to the Hole Shot! While the race course was certainly getting beaten up….in fact it completely went away on the bottom section by the end of the race….the racers loved it and several were heard commenting exactly that…”a real challenge, not easy but worth it.”

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to South Alton landowner, Steve Parkinson, Rickard Parkinson, the NSORRA race committee, dedicated volunteers, NSORRA members and racers, and spectators. 

Setting this course up was a lot of work, we had a great Work and Ride a few weeks before the event with Neil Jennings organizing a really fun day  complete with BBQ!  Much thanks to Steve Parkinson, Richard Parkinson, Danny Cassell, David Tobin, Lucas Swan, Nick MacDonald, Adam Shore, and of course Neil Jennings who spent the  day  clearing deadfalls, new trail,  performing trail maintenance, and even using a gas leaf blower to clear the trail of debris (thanks Adam!).


This is a new team we have on deck this year and they were nervous going into this first event.  We had both Electronic Timing and Scoring and Manual Back Up on hand for the day to help the day run as smoothly as possible.  The team really pulled together to give us a great event. They will learn from every event…I am really proud of you guys and thank you for the hard work you put into training pre-season.


This is a group that as a Medical Coordinator last year, I was always thankful to have access to but this year I gained a whole new perspective. Dave Tobin is our Sweep Coordinator this year and this guy really stepped up to the job! His team of riders were exhausted by the end of the day but what a great crew! Mike Ritter, Adam Shore, and Fred Eddy you guys are to be commended.


We were fortunate to experience relatively minor injuries on race day but Craig Cairns and his team were certainly busy throughout the day particularly through the Novice / Junior race.  This is not unexpected with new racers, tough terrain, and being the first round of the season.  Much thanks to both Craig and Grant on the bikes and our CSPS Krista Perry for holding down the on-site tent.


This is always a fun part of the day but this year was even more significant as we were able to thank all of our Supporters and of course acknowledge the wonderful support of this year’s NSORRA Hare Scramble title sponsor, Canadian Kawasaki Motors.  Bill Brown was on hand to support the event presented NSORRA with a cheque for the series title sponsorship.

Everyone enjoys the Hole Shot Awards sponsored by RPM Cycle, and a new award this year, the Hard Charger Award sponsored by ADP Motorsports and Beta Motorcycles.  It is always fun to present these awards as these riders as not always necessarily on the podium but have demonstrated  great work in getting to the front early or just sticking it out on the day! Much thanks to our Sponsors for these fun Awards!

See you all again soon and at our next event – NSORRA Hare Scramble Round 2 at Mill Hill, June 18th.  

– Grant Lingley, NSORRA President and Hare Scramble Coordinator.  

Race Results:

Intermediate Round 1 South Alton

Junior_Update Sept 25 2017

Novice Round 1 South Alton

PeeWee Round 1 South Alton

Plus 40 Round 1 South Alton_Updated June 5

Pro Round 1 South Alton

School Boy & Girl Round 1 South Alton.

Championship Point Totals: 2017 NSORRA Hare Scramble Points Totals

The winning ticket for the 50/50 draw at Round 1 was 2122431.  Contact NSORRA to claim your prize!


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