As of 2011 Hiltz Road has: 8.5 Km of rails, and kids track

Map of Hiltz Rd Trails

Hiltz Road

Latitude and Longitude of Hiltz Rd. Trails

45.140263, -64.675187

Google Map of Directions Hiltz Rd. Trails

Map Hiltz Rd

Google Map Directions from Exit 13 or 14 Highway 101 (3 options)


Directions from HRM to the Hiltz Road Trail:

  • Proceed west from Halifax on Hwy 101
  • Take exit 13
  • Turn right on Hwy 12
  • Go to stop sign in Kentville
  • Turn left on Hwy 1
  • Turn right at Cornwallis Inn onto Route 359
  • Stay straight on Rte 359 to the top of the mountain ( approx 10km)
  • Take the first paved left at top of mountain toward west Hall’s Harbour. This is the Hiltz Rd.
  • Stay straight on Hiltz rd
  • 2 km after the end of the pavement the parking lot is on the right
  • Turn right into the parking lot, unload your bike and enjoy
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