Membership Benefits

Membership is important because it demonstrates that the Association has the support of off-road riders, gives credibility to our advocacy efforts and ensures the future sustainability of the Association. Membership also benefits you, the rider:

  • NSORRA Membership Benefits:
  • NSORRA membership card indicating membership status
  • NSORRA fender sticker issued annually, identifying you as a current member
  • Access to limited-access trails / riding parks
  • NSORRA news updates
  • Discounts on NSORRA training
  • Savings on NSORRA rides, events, and merchandise
  • Opportunities to meet new friends and share similar passions
  • Volunteer leadership opportunities
  • Opportunities to participate with group rides and events
  • The right to vote on NSORRA initiatives
  • Government representation as a group regarding riding privileges
  • Bike Insurance Discount available

NSORRA Membership Details

NSORRA launched its first membership recruitment campaign in October 2008 and since that time, we have grown to over 700 members. NSORRA now has five members-only trail parks in the province: Miller Meadow in the Halifax Regional Municipality; Hiltz Road, South Alton & Mill Hill in the valley; and Craigmore Creek in Cape Breton. The value of your NSORRA membership is greater than ever. It’s a very small investment in an Association with very big goals!

In order to be successful in our advocacy efforts with government, insurers and others, we need to be able to demonstrate that we have the support of Off-road Riders throughout Nova Scotia. We also need to ensure that we can
sustain the Association’s operations in the future through a small membership fee ($20 adult, $10 youth, $45 family [up to 2 adults and 3 youth], corporate supporter $200).

Membership is important – in addition to supporting NSORRA advocacy and sustainability, membership fees will support NSORRA’s efforts to ensure access to multi-use trails, develop new trails, and ensure that NSORRA is represented when decisions are made that affect our ability to ride. Membership will also have direct benefit for you, the rider. You will receive:

  • discounts on NSORRA events
  • access to NSORRA training
  • merchandise discounts from suppliers
  • stickers indicating your NSORRA membership status which will ensure access to certain trails
  • access to NSORRA merchandise
  • and more!

You can now enroll online!

Click on the appropriate button below to use our online enrollment form.   Once you submit your form and payment, your membership will be processed within 5 business days and mailed to the address you provided.

Enroll By Mail

If you would prefer to print and mail your membership form with a cheque, please use the forms below and mail them to this address along with a cheque or money order to NSORRA, PO Box 28071 Tacoma Dr., Dartmouth, NS B2W 6E2.  Once receive all memberships are processed and mailed to the address provided on your form.

* If you do not have your membership number from previous years for renewal, please select new application.

  • NSORRA’s Corporate Members