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Thanks to the support of NSORRA, WTC, RPM Cycle (GasGas, Sherco), and Beta Motorcycles Canada Inc, the Maritime Trials Riders are happy to announce the following events:

Maritime Trails Riders

2017 Event Schedule

Event 1

May 7 Eric’s in Berwick

Event 2

June 11

Location TBA

Event 3

August 12

Beaumont, NB

Event 4

October 1 NSORRA’s Drive to Ride
Training Event with

Jonathan English

October 28


Event 5

October 29



I use the term “competition” because trials is not a race. Trials emphasizes balance, precision and bike handling skills. Events consist of a variety of “sections” arranged to challenge competitors with combinations of extreme ledges, drop off, tight turns and other obstacles intended to make a riders life difficult. Riders are “observed” one at a time completing these sections and are scored based on their ability to ride the section non-stop and without “dabbing” or putting a foot down. Points are accumulated based on number of dabs or stops. The goal is to finish the event with the least number of points, similar to golf. Basically events are a battle of rider against the terrain. This terrain gets very extreme with top level riders negotiating 6′ plus vertical ledges and amazing gaps.Maritime Trials Riders club dedicated to the sport of Observed Trials in Atlantic Canada.

Observed Trials is a unique form of motorcycle competition that predates most other forms of off-road motorcycle competition. In fact, the sport of Motocross (formerly known as “scrambles”) grew out of a Trials event.

Trials is a sport that can be enjoyed at all ages and can be practiced in small area and even driveways. Bikes are very small, very light weight and have the advantage of being quiet and making minimal impact on the terrain. This allows these machines to operate in areas not normally considered “acceptable” for traditional dirtbikes.

MTR Events are friendly and family oriented, and open to all willing participants and spectators. We’re a small group, but growing.

Please feel free to contact us regarding events or even just information about the sport. Heck, we might even be able to get you out for a “trial” run, as there is lots of casual practice riding as well as the formal competitions.

Visit Maritime Trials Riders on Facebook at:  Maritime Trails Riders.

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For more information please contact:

Joe Treen

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Barry Josey

RPM Cycle
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Michael Traves

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