Craigmore Work and Ride (W&R)

** June 10th and 11th cancelled due to schedule conflict**

Dates for the Craigmore Work ‘N Ride will be announced mid – late June 2017

The schedule for Saturday and Sunday will be:

9:00       safety meeting, appreciation gifts may be provided to those who attend the meeting
9:15        work crews will start the lawn and trail maintenance
12:00     hot dogs and drinks will be provided
1:00       bring your bike so you can ride the trails that you worked on in the morning

NOTE:  the focus of work this year will be mowing the areas around the parking lot and moto track.  There won’t be any need for chainsaws, but if you would like to bring a mower, weed wacker or loppers that would be great! Chainsaw and clearing saw use will be limited and are to only be used by those members who have received the appropriate safety courses and are wearing complete safety gear according to department of labor standards.

All operators of ATVs and dirt bikes helmets and other safety gear must be worn while riding.


Points to be covered include

General Equipment Safety

  • Stay back a minimum of 20 feet from all equipment unless a greater distance is required in the owner’s manual, labor laws, etc.  Make your presence known to the operator, from a distance, prior to approaching.
  • Chainsaw safety (appropriate safety equipment is required)
    • if operator is felling a tree, all others need to stay back a minimum of twice the height of the tree.
    • if operator is limbing/clearing brush, all others need to stay back 20 feet minimum
  • Helpers need to wear hardhats, ear and eye protection.
  • Clearing saw safety, (appropriate safety equipment is required)
    • if operator is clearing brush, all others need to stay back 20 feet minimum
  • Helpers need to wear eye and ear protection.

No riding of dirt bikes or ATVs during the above working hours except as low speed transport to the next work site using appropriate safety gear while riding.  Don’t work alone.

Remember sun protection, hydration and Safety is the top priority!

  • NSORRA’s Corporate Members